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Final Day In Cally

Crying does not indicate that you are weak.
Since birth, it has always be a sign that you are alive.
from: Jane Eyre
by: Charlotte Bronte

We went to beach...and earnestly tired to make plans for the day. In California there are always numerous  possibilities.  But, truth be told...I was out of money.  Judy, as always, was more than generous, and was willing to fund me for as long as I would like.  Strangely though, it felt like it was time to go.  Common sense was saying go home. My heart and soul wanted desperately to stay.
Be that as it may...we still mulled the decision over for hours.
We walked.
We napped in the sun, and watched the ever-present surfers.
We took photos of phantasmagoric oceanside cairns.
And we mulled over the idea of leaving again.

But in the end we packed up Lola, again, with an additional 5 lbs of stray sand in the carpets,  and turned on the mystifying and inexplicable GPS to get us home.
And I cried.
Of course I cried.
I cried on the beach.
I cried in the Southern California traffic.

I mean would it be to actually live in a place like Southern California?.... A place where every 5th car has a surfboard innovatively strapped to it.
Where flip flops can be comfortably worn every day of the year.
Where people dont seem as fixated on how you dress.  (not counting the very rich and famous...but they dont count...they dont hang at the same places.)
Where the sun always shines.

I guess I'll never know though...
California isnt on the list of places My Builder ever wants to live.

Because we did linger too long on the beach this day...we felt very tentative about driving too long into the night...we were beat.  We wanted to be safe and conservative in our travels, so we decided to stop for the night in Primm, Nevada.
If you blink you miss Primm, Nevada.
If you try to find a room, that's habitable, you have a choice of one.
Before hitting the hay we had a Chocolate milkshake in honor of National Chocolate Milkshake Day. (seriously)
And we slept.
The next morning we headed to St George for squeezes from grandbabies and to say hello to my folks and My Builders folks.
Then it was on to Orem.
Where I slept again
The next morning I was to head back to Logan.  I cried some more while saying good bye and thank you to Judy...and then again to David as I thanked him for letting me swipe Judy for the letting us take such a fine vehicle with us. 

And then I climbed into Clarks car to head North.  Clark was willing do drive me to Salt Lake where My Builder would meet us. (Clark knew he'd get a free lunch for his efforts. :-)
We had made plans to meet up with Joe and Natalie and their handsome boys for lunch too.
More kissing and hugging.
Then it was truly back to in Logan.

It was a marvelous adventure!!
I am blessed.
And grateful for the opportunity to travel.

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