Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


“Oh, mercy. If it catches you in the wrong frame
 of mind, the King James Bible can make you want
 to drink poison in no uncertain terms.”
 from: The Poisonwood Bible
 by: Barbara Kingsolver

Picture this...
Today, a new ward..
strangers everywhere...
Said strangers coming up and introducing themselves...all of them telling us that they are so happy that we moved into the ward.
People telling us that they 'prayed' us into the ward....or that we were answers to prayers.
There were jokes about handing over the keys to the Relief Society closet, to me.... today.
(First off, let me just say that my daughter who's 9 months pregnant would be a far better Relief Society President  than I ever could  be...and so I wish they were picking on her...but they won't...she will be out of commission for quite some time now.)




And thats just what  I did...I fled. I walked home, put on some jeans and walked to the corner market and bought myself a cold Pepsi.
Yes its true..I fell off the wagon and I broke the Sabbath all in one fatal hour.  (I've been enjoying Pepsi again for a month or so.)  Then I came home and sat in our lovely back yard and tried hard not to cry.  I forced myself to think about other things.
What came to my desperate mind was how great it would be and how badly I'd love to dig a deep hole out there, not to hide/die  in, though its not a bad idea right now...but a deep hole for a lovey, relaxing, therapeutic  koi pond....that's  what I would love.
Is an old lady like myself, past the prime of life,  still able to have some simple dreams and wishes come true?  I would dearly love to have a real Koi pond.
I also dream of one more family trip with ALL the a beach somewhere.  And a hot tub for the Logan winters would be nice too. And how about a bunch of zinnias planted everywhere.
All these lovely thoughts...and then my mind was pulled right back to the here and now...and the responsibilities that are looming just 3 doors down at the church building....where my family was still faithfully sitting in their classrooms learning about enduring to the end.
I just want to have fun.
I want to entertain friends in our new back yard.
Oh, lookie at me...Im in a "me" mood.....again.
Aint this a dandy way to spend a Sabbath?
My Builder...who is the best dad to our children (Happy Fathers Day babe) ...promises to 'protect' me from the new bishop. He's kind, but he lies.
When a call comes...I'll long to throw myself in the wished for hole in the backyard...and then I'll probably accept what comes.

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Pam Hill said...

Hopefully the Lord speaks loud enough to the Bishop and hopefully the Bishop will listen before extending any call. The Lord knows your heart and the current condition of your soul, right? You'll be ok. I love you.