Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The people who really run organizations are
usually found several levels down, where it is
still possible to get things done.
from: Small Gods
by: Terry Pratchett

THe wedDinG iS IN FoUR dAyS!!!

I've heard Anna say that I've procrastinated.
Not sure thats really true..
I suppose it could be on some things...

But this wedding as been a lesson on creationism. Its been an evolving, living creation.  We God, with only a whispering of ideas and materials and vision.  We have  turned these materials  into a viable wedding dinner and reception..I think. I hope. We began with very little and I think there will be a grande finish.

But as promised..I wish to share with you a glimpse of the process of wedding planning a la' Cindy and family.
Via what I now fondly call "Wedding Miracles."

For a while we did indeed flounder, not knowing which direction to take..funds being limited to say the least, and no vision  in place either. (Not every little girl lays in bed at night dreaming of their perfect, romantic wedding...surprising????...NOT!!)

And then things began to click.

Which is my first lead into the first miracle.
Do you think Pintrest can qualify as a miracle. A miracle of technology and craftiness??
I say yes!!
 Pintrest got the creative juices flowing.  Thank heaven.

Next wedding miracle:
Possibly the most important miracle in planning a wedding...finding the perfect wedding dress for the perfect girl for Clark. Said dress was found at a thrift shop! ....during the Halloween season, where the shop was full of gaudy distractions in the form of Halloween costumes. And it's there she found the perfect dress for her.  She resisted...wondering if she should go the more traditional route..and tried on many a lacy gown..all of which looked spectacular on her...of course...but none of which made her happy. She always went back to the thrift shop dress.  Just wait until you see her in it. You will is JENNA!!

The rare thrift shop dress..which I will now refer to as the antique dress..had one flaw...that being that it was a little too short for Jenna's tall, regal stature.  So the next miracle began as we started hunting for some type of lace or fabric that would match or at least be a good fit for the antique lace of the dress.  (I was worried)   The 3rd fabric shop we visited...and there it was!  The perfect lace. Perfect I tell ya!!  A miracle. You wait and see. Plus it was inexpensive.  Yes..I cried.

The rest of the miracles I'll be listing have to do with angels.  Angels in the form or dear people in our lives. People with generous, talented skills!!

The collar of the antique dress needed modifying..and the lace needed to be added for lengthening, and caps need to go in at the sleeves.  And it was done in a blink of the eye...all as a gift...all because the angel wanted to contribute to our joyous event. It is a miracle that I am surrounded by such generous souls.

There's an angel that makes phone calls, possibly until she suffers from cauliflower ear..finding people who know people who know people to help pull off this happy event. Doors are opened and all are welcomed into their home...and being encouraging comes naturally to all that live in this household....  all for the love of family and wanting to help.  First there wasnt a building to hold the reception in, and then there was. Then there wasnt going to be music...and now there is!  Miracles!!

And then there is the angel who does this stuff for a living...(wedding planning) who jumped right in and donates her time and talent and expertise and massive quanties of 'stuff'' to this wedding, just 'cause we're family.' Shopping lists, and confidence oozes from this angel.  There were large quantities of flowers coming, and then there wasnt...and now we're back on track again. Oh the ride!! Oh the miracle workers!!

Then there's a darling little angel baking away in her kitchen this week..making the wedding cake for Clark and Jenna. This just because she has that talent and gift and because she too would like to contribute to this celebration of Clark and Jenna!!  A miracle with blonde hair and the best smile ever!!

How about counting the generous discounts I received on some of the food for the wedding dinner! A gift and a miracle as far as Im concerned. Yum!!

There is the generous monetary support we have ease some of the stress. Someday, some way we will repay.

And as we draw nearer to the finish line..more angels have jumped on board.  Now we have talented folks at the helm who will document the fabulous lives of Clark and Jenna via film and video.  The slideshow will be marvelous!! And the brides bouquet will be perfect and sculpted with talented  hands that love them both.

Even My Builder is 'building' and has been amazing. (as usual) He's been down on the floor with me making bunting that we will string across the hall. He's been cooking and cleaning when I've been too tired or too fed  up with the notion of washing another dish or even looking at food!  My Builder has become domestic! A miracle of sorts.

So there you have it..a list of my wedding miracles.  You may not deem them miracles...but they certainly have been miracles in my life and in the life of this wedding.
There will be MANY more miracles before the weekend is through. I can count on it. We have 4 days left to have them materialize. Im sleeping  well at night and am dealing with the stress of the lists before me these last several days...which is a miracle in and of it self.

My heart is full of gratitude!!
Bring on the celebration!!
Tell me if I've missed a miracle or two!!


Anna said...

I've never said YOU have procrastinated...we all have procrastinated a little! Plus it doesn't help when you only have a little over two months to start with! You make me sound like a mean daughter

Pam Hill said...

Anna, we all know you are a mean daughter. NOT! Cindy, I'm very happy its all coming together and I'm excited that I get to be there!!

Jared + Carly Reid said...

I loved reading all of this! I am SO BUMMED that we will miss the wedding by two days. GAH! I love you guys. SO happy for them!

Auntie Cathy said...

You worked a miracle (ie the beautiful wedding, now a memory), but the best thing is that you are trying to SEE the miracles we all have each and every day. Thanks for the reminder!

Sharon Mae said...

Amen to the above. It was such a beautiful wedding in every way. Enjoy Christmas now that the wedding is a wonderful memory.