Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Sunday Rant the last several years my life had begun to
feel shapeless, like underwear with the elastic
gone, the days down around my ankles.
from: Three Dog Life
by: Abigal Thomas

So this is my life... most of the time I make the best of the situation...usually my glass is always half full.
My son is marrying the Perfect girl for him...
I put geraniums by my front door..
 Mrs Bennett and her downy sisters are growing right before our eyes!
Old time farmers here in town are swearing that winter wont arrive here this year until after Christmas. reality..
my front door is a pathetic entrance; Im glad you cant see the  light fixture..
 I now abhor 1" blinds,
 the color of the building should be band from God's color wheel,
 and we are surrounded by terrible wood chips.)
 I also  think Old Time Farmers tell lies!! This week the temps dropped to the mid 20's!! Liers!!!
 I no longer even recognize my own body..its gone soft and weak. Im sure Old Main Hill would now take me down.
 I miss my boys.
Im a Relief Society President...and should be behaving like an adult.
I miss my former life.
I meet wonderful folks from all over the country..who are enjoying fabulous road trips to places like Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and St George. Our conversations reduce me to tears most times..(I wash the dirty soda cups when this happens. We have VERY clean soda cups.)
Oh how I long for a road trip..or even the possibility of a road trip.)

 And then there was last Sunday's phenomenon.
 I woke up convinced I'd play hooky from church. I didnt have any responsibilities that day. I wouldnt be missed. And yet, I ended up dressed and ready to go. ..and I went. out of habit I suppose. I had tithing in hand to turn over  to the bishop. 10% of my hard earned tip money..a wad of ones mostly. I suppose I had people to see and had people that needed to see me..( I know that may sound strange..but example is a powerful thing.) And now I find myself trying to analyze my motives. I'd like to learn...and I'd love to wax profound. (though I dont think it'll happen this time.)

 Im sad.
 You can see that.
My hiking spa is hiring..and its autumn in St George. (a glorious time to be in Zion)
 My hair dryer literally went up in flames.
The sun shines...but I rarely get to partake..for Im indoors working.
 The dress I wore Sunday is the same dress I made and wore some 15 yrs ago.
 Im tired and would love to sleep in...but I cant, for my brain seems to now be programmed to wake up early.
My body feels old.
And yet I still go to church. FOR THREE HOURS!

 BUT TODAY... Today.... we get to stay in our cozy, comfortable clothes and watch General Conference from the comfort of our own homes and soft couches. Blessed tender mercies! If you are and watch along with me!!   Happy Sunday to you!!!

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