Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Mimi Monday

Then at last Ping was back with his mother
and his father and two sisters and three
brothers and eleven aunts and seven uncles
and forty-two cousins.  Home again on the
wise-eyed boat on the   Yangtze River.
from: The Story of Ping
by: Marjorie Flack 

This Monday will be Mimi Apologizes Day.
My Builder didnt deserve yesterday's rant.
My life is good...because of him and my kids and the grands.
I got up on the better side of the bed this morning.
All is well and Im grateful for all my MANY blessings.
This week I get to see ALL the grands in Salt Lake!!
This week begins the earnest wedding plans for December!!
Have a great day.
I know I will!!

artist: Nikolaos Gysis

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