Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


We must love the world, and what is in it, as
we love all that feels and all that moves.
Once again a withdrawal doctrine is trans-
formed into a participation doctrine.  The
World itself is a composition of the Love of God.
from: Four Essays on Love
by: Truman Madsen

Mimi and Popa had a wonderful weekend in Salt Lake!
Seeing and playing with the grands is where its at.
Pioneer Day in Salt Lake is also where its at!!
 First a great parade in Bountiful!! Which had scary clowns and loud floats that spooked my dear Olive a bit!
 (im only holding my phone...not using it...Im out of minutes anyway!!!)

Then it was on to the park for an impressive fireworks display!!

The next day was fun in the sun at the pool!! Good times and even better company!!!

 that would be clark...dropping from the sky!!

Mimi lives for weekends like these!! Thank you good family for making the effort to hang together and share good times!! I love you all more than words can say!!

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Chelsea said...

That was SOOO fun!! love the pic of Clark runnin' in mid air! I'm so glad you guys came down to join us for an awesome weekend. WE love you guys!!