Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


We now live in an age...called continuous partial
attention.  I love that phrase.  It means that while
you are answering your email and talking to your
kid, your cell phone rings and you have a conversation.
  You are now involved in a continuous flow of interaction
 in which you can only partially concentrate on each.
from: Longitudes and Attitudes
by: Thomas L Friedman

Thank you good, dear children of mine...for the most sought after birthday gift on my list. Thank you for Microsoft Office!
It comes with so many more headaches, but oh so many gagets, that I look forward to learning to use. Working out the kinks, as I attempt to "publish" my monthly newsletter to my 'grands,' is not so pleasant to witness or listen to...but I am determined to learn! Hopefully each month I'll get a little better; a little more polished. Maybe by the time Lachlan's a teenager I'll have it down pat...humph!!! 
I now use it almost every day...and Im grateful to my kids and My Builder for such a generous gift!

(please dont mind the hair loss..Im pulling it out in clumps as I learn!!!)

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