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And Now I See The Moon
Albert stood up and pulled a book from the shelf.  He opened it
and began to caress the pages.  Michael could tell he loved the
book-reverenced it, even.  "I've learned something very important
 from these pages," he said. "For the most part, however, it hasnt
been what's been written on  their pages." Michael was befuddled.
"Then what? What have you learned from them?"
"They cured me of the temptation of thinking that what I need is
just one more bit of information, one more piece of knowledge,
one more book.  They helped me to become curious." he said.
"They taught me how to ask questions.  They taught me, and
continue to teach me how to learn."
from: The Holy Secret
by: James Ferrell

Deseret Book describes "The Holy Secret" as a "modern-day parable that brings to life the importance of loving holy and sacred things."

When my once not- so- great- reader recommends a book...I pay attention.  Brian read this book twice on his mission. Now I know why.  It is life changing. At least it was for me. It changed my perspective on the temple work that I do.  It changed the way I plan on treating the Sabbath...for good reason. And I think most importantly for me, it will/ is changing the way I attempt to read and understand the scriptures.  I LOVED reading The Peacegiver,  but I think this read has caused  me to make an about face!!  Thanks Bri!!  Oh how I love having you home!!!

Here we have a magical story that takes place in Italy..and its about food and love and a little bit of war history too. How can it go wrong!! Plus its beautifully written!!  The intense food loving doesnt start until halfway into the book...but its well worth the wait! (there are a couple of racy chapters as well..)
Things I enjoyed while reading this book:
-a desire to use a tablecloth with each meal.
-a few flowers on the table is a good thing too.
- learning a little Italian!
-"the people wait for the pasta, not the pasta for the people! " -Livia
If you enjoy a good love story, and books about food...especially about Itaiian food...The Wedding Officer is a must read!!  Delightful and yummy!! ****


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