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"Happy" Pioneer Day Utah!!!

Brigham Young said that "the gospel causes
men and women to reveal that which would
have slept in their dispositions until they dropped
into their graves.  The plan by which the Lord
leads his people makes them reveal their thoughts
and intents, and brings out every trait of
disposition lurking in their beings."  Come unto me,
the Savior said, and I will show unto them their weaknesses.
quote from: The Holy Secret
by: James L Ferrell

Here are some cold, hard numbers about our Mormon pioneers...
(remember, I dont like pioneer this is perfect)

The number of Mormon Pioneers? Men,women and children? 70.000.

Number of pioneers who walked the entire trail?  Certainly the vast majority

Number of pioneers who traveled by handcart?  3,000 or 4%

Period of time for the exodus?  22 years; until the completion of the railroad in 1869

Number of compaies?  200

Number of compaines that someone in the space shuttle might have seen, stretched out along the trail, all at once, in an average September?  9, averaging 350 souls in each.

Number of pioneers who began their trek immediately after crossing the Atlantic Ocean and stepping foot on American soil?  2 of every 3

How many ships carried Latter-day Saints to America during this time?  97.   87 from Liverpool, 6 from Hamburg, and 4 from London.

Average number of saints (Mormons) per ship?  434

Length of journey for most?  7,828 miles


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