Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Birthday Remembered

The second principle of magic... things which
 have once been in contact with each other,
continue to act on each other at a distance
 after the physical contact has been severed.
from: Words I Wish I Wrote
quoting: Sir James G Frazer
by: Robert Fulgrum

This is a photo of my Grandmother Ida ...we called her Grandma Clemenson.
She was married to Paul Burnham. mothers folks.
We think this photo was taken in 1928 which makes her  aprox. 24yrs old here.
She died before I finished college.
I have always felt bad that she never met My Builder.  And I have wished that my children could have known her too.
She was a classy lady. Very proper.  The type that wore pearls to breakfast. Her home was always immaculate.  I remember her being generous and perfect in appearances.  Everything had its proper place.  She had a fat and very old cat that drank milk from a bowl at the back door; the spot where a milkman delivered her milk through a special trap door. Whenever I smell petunias Im taken back to her back yard...she had lots of petunias growing there in the summer months.  She had a cronic little cough, and took these tiny little black squares of something licorice smelling, that acted like a cough drop.  She drove the coolest old black Mercedes that seemed to have bench seating for multiudes of people.  She had a cheery yellow kitchen, where we would eat strawberries and cream for breakfast. (cream from that milkman!) Ida was an artist. Anna and I, and my mom have her work on our walls and her decoupge lamps and jewlrey boxes. 
Her good parents were Nephi Young Schofield and Ellen Vilate Romney.
We have much to be grateful for in these good strong ancestors of ours!!  May we continue to learn from them...even though they are no longer with us!


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