Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Pain stayed so long I said to him today
"I will not have you with me any more."
I stamped my foot and said, "Be on your way."
And paused there, startled at the look he word.

"I, who have been your friend," he said to me,
"I, who have been your teacher-all you know
of understanding love, of sympathy,
And patience, I have taught you.  Shall I go?"

He spoke the truth, this strange unwelcome guest;
I watched him leave, and know that he was wise.
He left a heart grown tender in my breast.
He left a far, clear vision in my eyes.

I dried my tears, and lifted up a song-
Even for the one who'd tortured me so long.
quoted from: Tragedy or Destiny?
by: Spencer W. Kimball

I indeed will be deeply changed by having read STRENGTH IN WHAT REMAINS.  Once again this was a book on my brother's library shelf...that I snagged  to bring home to read.  Its one of those painful, true stories...that sounds to horrific to be true.  There are amazing people gracing this planet and there are great authors that take the time and energy to tell their stories right!!
I simply have never been able to watch the movies that tell of the genocides and atrocities that go on in Africa...Im too weak.  I get to feeling so very helpless and even angry. The Adversary truly is reigning with blood and terror.
But here is a  story of a man who survives these horrors and who somehow makes his way to America with only $200.00 to his name, and lives on the streets of New York City...before making his way back to medical school...The story is also about the angel few who help him along the way!!  It is truly one of the most inspiring biographies I've ever read.  ***** and then some!!!

I was carried away, swept along by the mighty
stream of words pouring from the hundreds of
pages.  To me it was the ultimate book: once
you read it, neither your own life nor the world
you lived in would ever look the same.
from: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
by: Dai Sijie

The power of an education is again played out in this sweet little story as well.  Here we have historical fiction teaching us about the power of books, knowledge, wisdom, imagination and possibilities.  No matter the oppression that was inflicted upon the people in China in the 1970's under Chairman Mao, or the horrors and injustice's that life  often deals us...under wicked regimes...many people rise and fight  to the surface... sometimes at great cost and with unimaginable sacrifice.
In looking for an image of  BALZAC AND THE LITTLE CHINESE SEAMSTRESS, I discovered that its been made into a movie!!!  Its going to the top of the Netflix list right now!! Its bound to be visually stunning...just as it was in my mind as I envisioned the forests at the tops of mountains in China.
**** (because it was read in the shadow of STRENGTH OF WHAT REMAINS)


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