Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Always remember, son, the best boss is the
one who bosses the least.  Whether it's cattle
or horses, or men; the least government is the best government.
from: Little Britches
by: Ralph Moody

Im a bundle of contradictions..who knew...except everyone that know me!
Food it the worst.
My mind wants nothing more than to eat healthy...
I spend a lot of time 'cruz'in the web looking for yummy, healthy recipes...
And for the most part I do pretty well...
And My Builder is patient and tolerant with my experimenting...
The other night I cooked This
It was down-right delicious.
for some reason I think Kale and I need to be best friends..
and this might be the best variety of friend yet!!
The only change I made to recipe is that I used the regular baking coconut instead of the really expensive shaved coconut you have to buy in health food stores. So my kale was sweet...literally!! YUM!!
But then I fall off the wagon!!
Big time.
I make delicious, delectable chocolate chip cookies and eat too many. Or I go to the grocery store and buy real Achilles heel...donuts.
Its discouraging...but not so much so that I stop.
Tomorrow Im making THIS
and I'll feel healthier for it Im sure...

curried sweet potato salad with cranberries YUM!!

I suppose if I was being honest with myself  I can confess that
we do a pretty darn good job of eating healthy...especially since I have Anna and David looking over my shoulder all the time.  So when I fall...I fall the confines of my own home, or car...and I think I fall less often.  Baby steps.


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