Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
...the Reb never popped a pill  for his peace of mind.
He loved to smile.  He avoided anger.  He was never
haunted by "Why am I here?"  He knew why he was
here, he said:  to give  to others, to celebrate God,
and enjoy and honor the world he was put in.  His 
morning prayers began with "Thank you, Lord, for
returning my soul to me."  When you start that way,
the rest of the day is a bonus.
from: Have a Little Faith
by: Mitch Albom

Was supposed to go on a hike this morning...instead I drove to Salt Lake and back...
So this afternoon we went to Hyrum Lake...didnt even know such a place existed...
It was delightful...
It was Bens first experience at a "beach." We think he liked it too.
Today was beautiful..
Tomorrow it may snow...
Not really, but its supposed to get really cold...
35 degrees tomorrow night...UGH!!!
So we fooled ourselves into thinking its summer tonight too
by going swimming at the Marriott...
I bet Ben sleeps well tonight!!

Peace out Friends!

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Sharon said...

What a cutie! Ben's not bad either :) Way to go grandpa- you look 30 in your swim suit!