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What We Had For Dinner

You're never "out" anymore. The assumption
now is that you're always in.  Out's over. Now
you are always in.  And when you are always
in, you are always on. And when you are always
on, what are you most like? A computer server.
from: Longitudes and Attitudes
by: Thomas L. Friedman
.Baked Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries  found here

Slow Cooker Apple Date Butter...found here

Fish Tacos..found here

My Builder spent all day at the Mill, making who knows how many tons of tasty, green rabbit food.  Its hard work, and its messy work.  He and David always come home with a fine film of green powder in every cleft and crevice of their clothes and bodies.  My Builder has thankfully taken to wearing ear plugs due to the noise of the mill, thus, the inside of his ears may be the only place where the green fur-like dust doesnt make its way.
We are thrilled with the growing positive response we are getting for our rabbit food.  Our prayers are being answered.  All the hard work and preparation is finally paying off. Now the challenge is making enough food to satisfy a few breeders and to supply the pet market.  We have obstacles...but its all good...for it means we are growing!!
Tonight My Builder will satisfy his hunger with yummy fish taco and fries.  Im grateful for a good man who will sit down to a meal without any complaints.  He seems to enjoy my experimenting with different foods and recipes .
 Its  satisfying to know that Clark has taken a liking to cooking as well.  He has a few favorite meals, and he has become proficient at cooking them.   Anna's  quiet prodding and coaxing  to use less white sugar and white flour is working.  (shush....dont tell her!!)  Sometimes its a tough switch...but slowly and surely we are making the change. My progress in our  attempts to use less meat in our diet has been even more difficult to embrace....its a HARD habit to break!!
So while My Builder slaves away down at the warehouse...I try to make an effort here at home to provide good nourishment for him when he returns....its the least I can do.  (I also go to the garden and will it to grow and wish the the sun would come out to stay!!!)
Peace Friends!!!


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They look good! How about sharing the recipes?