Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Soon enough, a curiosity about an untamed soul
had kindled, and this, too, caused me to seek him 
out.  But it was his light temper and his easy laugh
that drew me close to him, over time, until I forgot
he was a  half-naked, sassafras-scented heathen
anointed with raccoon grease. He was, quite simply, my dearest friend.
from: Caleb's Crossing
by: Geraldine Brooks

Its not often that a book can reduce me to physical tears...
this one did it more than once...


Living in the isolated Puritan settlement of Great Harbor on Martha's Vineyard, Bethia Mayfield, the bright young daughter of the local minister, balances her strict religion with a passionate love of nature and a growing curiosity about the culture of the Wampanoag tribe that populates the island. When Bethia secretly strikes up a friendship with a young Wampanoag named Caleb, she unknowingly begins a journey that will shape her life. Intelligent, independent, and kind, Bethia is the narrator and the heart of Geraldine Brooks's stunning new novel, Caleb's Crossing, the story of Caleb Cheeshahteaumauk, who in 1665 became the very first Native American to graduate from Harvard.
Torn between her commitment to her religion and her family and her longing for freedom and intellectual fulfillment, Bethia is a young woman built of contradictory desires. With Caleb, she finds an escape from her stern and pious community in which women are expected to be silent and subservient, the community that denies Bethia an education simply because of her gender. But for all the freedom that Caleb inspires in her, he struggles to understand her dogged sense of duty and deference. Even as he chooses to adopt her religion, he encourages her to rebel and questions the obedience at the root of her faith.

What I learned about me and from this book:
Tragedy is tragedy, on my heart.
Puritan "religion" was over the top...leaving England seemed to have taught 'us' nothing.
I still have a deep ingrained desire to live with an Indian learn of their practices and history and 'medicine' plus...I want them to 'name me.'  "Warm Mococin' suits me fine...but a computer did it...its not the same!!!
Women equality has come a LONG, LONG way!! Thank heavens. I am grateful for women who endured the unendurable!!
Will there ever be justice for the injustices done to many Indian tribes?
What price am I willing to pay to continue my life's education?  hummmm.......

Geraldine is a gifted author!!  I am in awe!!

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