Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Time.  The primordial concept so essential, so taken for granted,
so uncontrollable.  Time permeates every aspect of the human
experience.  What is time?  Time, after all, is "of the essence." Time
is...a great healer, time is money, time is ripe, time flies.  We have
me-time, downtime, timeout, time off.  We give the time of day and
do things when it's high time, just in time, or in the nick of time.
Although times may change, since the beginning of time, people have
taken time, wasted time, made up time, and spent time till they're
out of time.   Until their time comes.
from: Fizz
by Zvi Schreiber

Bri...2nd from left

We get to talk on Mothers Day...
and then....
In 35 Days my handsome son is COMING HOME!!
730 days is a LONG time no matter how you look at it.
2920 days I've sacrificed without my boys... and an additional547 more when adding my daughters 18 months of service.
None of it went quickly...except for maybe the last month for each of them.

I have to remember for what purpose we moms sacrifice so much:

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
From the May, 2004 Ensign on Page 30

"First of all I would like to thank every missionary who has
ever labored in this transcendent latter-day undertaking we have been
given. The rolling forth of the restored gospel is a miracle in every
sense of the word, and not the least of the miracle is that a
significant portion of it rolls forward on the shoulders of
19-year-olds! As we have seen your sons and daughters, grandsons and
granddaughters, (and in some cases your parents and grandparents!)
faithfully laboring in Chile, I have pictured the tens of thousands
of others like them we have met all over the world. Clean, clear,
bright-eyed missionaries, laboring two-by-two, have become a living
symbol of this Church everywhere. They themselves are the first
gospel message their investigators encounter--and what a message that
is. Everyone knows who they are, and those of us who know them the
best, love them the most."


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