Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


You may have a child with whom you are struggling.  When appropriate, kneeling in prayer with the child could have a much greater impact than anything you might say in resoning with him or her.  Children need to see prayer in action.  They need to feel it.  Then comes the witness (of the Holy Spirit), which is so important.
I have often said something to missionaries that also applies to parents.  The primary objective of a missionary is to provide a spiritual experience to the investigator.  Similarly, the single greatest thing you can do for your…children…is to give them a spiritual experience.  Help them to experience the Spirit with you, and then teach them how to have the experience alone….it’s worth more than all the instruction you could provide on the subject…(pg. 43-44)
 Gene R. Cook’s

just a few fun shots from Mimi's camera from that last few weeks

liam and laid back little bro
ben and ben

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