Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

My "Weekend" in Southern Utah...Turned to Two Weeks!!

Working in these fields is not unpleasant when
you get accustomed to it. There are worse
things to do in a very hot country than to
put on a large conical sun hat of plaited
palm leaves and take off most of your
clothes and play about in the mud and water..
from: A Town Like Alice
by: Nevil Shute

For the first two weeks I was in Logan..I looked out the window at our garden plot that seemed to be waiting impatiently for sowing.  I dont know if it was the plot that seemed impatient...or if it was me...but its a good bet its me !!
It turned out that our Easter weekend in St George fulfilled that longing..for the time being.
We moved a lot of gravel in Robs back yard.
We planted a lot of veggie starts too.
And some really cool herbs!
Now Rob and Chelsea and the kids can sit back and enjoy their beautiful back yard and wait in anticipation for the fruits of their labors.
We all thank David for his expertise and willingness to help and teach us some of what he knows about gardening!  Soon we will be doing much of the same in Logan. Hopefully by the time I return to Logan the snow will be gone and we can get planting for our enjoyment too.

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Pam Hill said...

I think Robby's crew ought to hire themselves out - they got A LOT done quickly and it looks great. Glad I got to come help a bit.