Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
It still floors me how the mountains are not
the same any two days in a row. As if
hundreds of copies of those mountains exist
and each dawn brings in a fresh one, of new
color, new prominence of some feature over
the others, a different wrapping of clouds
or rinse of sun for this day's version.
from: English Creek
by:Ivan Doig

Off on an the all us...Valley of Fire in Nevada.

How does one begin to try and describe the hue and texture of the  rocks, the waves of inexplicable color...

This hike had it all!!! Including an old movie set!!  for westerns of course!!
There it is again..the colors and textures... I have about 100 pictures of this hike...trying, and trying again to capture the light!! Impossible!!!
Valley of Fire is a ROCK star!!
We will return!!!

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