Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I am positive of only a few things in life,
and one is that if you want to have a decent
middle and old age, you have to get exercise
almost every day...there are exceptions, and
eveyone knows someone who smoked two packs a
day and had a few social beers with breakfast
every morning who lived to be eighty-five, but
you have to assume that this wont be you. You
have to assume that without exercise, you'll
be the dead one,or if your lucky, the one in
diapers,with a cannula up your nose.
from: Plan B
by: Anne Lamott

I didnt take my camera out of my pack the whole day...for I knew that Cheryl and Melanie were on the task..and they do such an amazing job with photography...much better than I.   And I thank Cheryl for this great shot. 

Oh what a glorious day we had yesterday.  We braved the unrest and weirdness of Colorado City  and took a pass through town to hike a hike we've all been itching to do...Water Canyon.  It WAS AMAZING! It was perfect!!  All the conditions were just right. I collected coral dust between my toes, in my ears, between my teeth and soaked up enough sun and blue sky and red rock to reinvigorate myself for a little while.  We all felt like we were getting a Zion experiece without paying for it.  And we all are looking forward to doing it again....soon we hope. 
What a gift it is to have good, fun hiking buddies to go exploring with. I am so blessed.  To see and hike and visit with Melanie again was delightful.  We have missed her. 
And, get this....It turns out that Im needed here for a hike with Desert Cliffs...and guess what...???? Im definitely staying to help!!!  Im so excited!!!  Im grateful that My Builder is willing to part with me and let me stay.  Its going to be a week of extreme hiking!! Im all about that!!!  Lucky me!!!