Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but
interdependence is the mother of affection. We
humans need one another, so we cooperate- for
purely selfish reasons at first. At some point,
though, the needing fades and all that remains is
the cooperation. We help other people because we
can, or, because it makes us feel good, not
because we're counting on some future payback.
There is a word for this: love.
from: The Geography of Bliss
by: Eric Weiner

Once upon a time, not very long ago,  a beautiful, wise, and very talented young lady showed up at Desert do some much needed "me time" in Southern Utah.  She came to fill her cup and to experiment with getting out of her comfort zone. (and boy did we do that for her!!!) Our new adventurer  had never ventured so far west before.
At first, Head Hiking Guide, didnt quite know what to make of this Jersey girl.  She was so quiet and seemed to be so unhappy and painfully reserved.  But soon it became apparent to Head Hiking Guide that there was something special behind that furrowed brow and prickly demeanor, for her fellow houseguests and hiking mates found her delightful and funny and so much wiser than her 18 yrs.
Head Hiking Guide can still remember the day and the hike that becme the turning point for them both.  And even though the hike was scrapped that day for the both of them, the love, friendship and bond that was formed that summer day will never be torn asunder.
It was early in her D.C. story, before we had yet to build any level of confidence in her that the ice was broken between these polar opposites.  That day the scheduled hike was Kanarraville.  Our feisty Jersey girl soon learned that she wanted nothing of this varied hike...and before long, demanded to return to the van.  She was DONE!  So Head Hiking Guide sighed a sigh of disappointment and  turned around and headed back to the van, where they would have to wait several hours before the remaining hikers would return.
Heaven works in mysterious be sure...for in those many moments of waiting, Jersey girl...aka McCarey, and said Head Hiking Guide...aka...ME  began to connect!!  It was in that big ol dusty club van that we began to learn about one another and it was there that this remarkable girl, oozing with talent, found a permanent place in my heart.
But today's post isnt about hiking with McCarey; though if it were, it would be a post full of  struggles, whining and great determination and more empowerment than the Women's Liberation Movement and the flinging of bras, not to mention triumph!!! All of which is great fodder for focus of future fascinating confessions about McCarey and I.
Today's post happens to be about McCarey's artistic talents.  Here we have a girl who has the honor of having a work of art hanging in the White House!!  That requires talent right!!!?  McCarey is currently studying at Savannah's College of Art and Design...are you now even more impressed?!  We all should be!!
I have just learned that McCarey is now looking for commissions. Her hearts desire is to return to St George for a long anticipated visit, and plane tickets dont come cheap.

So...if you have ever entertained the idea of commissioning an artist to paint your portrait or the likeness of a loved one; or if you have a pet or landscape that needs 'capturing' on canvas...this is the woman/artist for you!!! And if you are wise enough to choose her... you'll also be helping her to fulfill her dream of returning to our red rocks and more importantly to many people here who love her dearly and miss her very much!!
So come on an artist...and help a few of us reconnect with a long lost friend.
You can go here and here to learn more about McCarey and contact her!

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