Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I am such a nonentity by the standard of our culture that PEOPLE
magazine not only will never  feature a piece about me but might also
reject my attempts to subscribe to their publication on the grounds
that the blackhole gravity of my noncelebrity is powerful enough
to suck their entire enterprise into oblivion.
from: Odd Thomas
by: Dean Koontz

My humble journey with hiking  started many years ago when we first moved to So. Utah.  A good friend of my oldest son remembered me when a hiking guide opportunity became available at a little known establishment called The Body Shop Spa.  Over time they evolved, as did I; and I landed happily and gratefully at Desert Cliffs.
And I must say that from that very first day of strapping on a camelback and cinching on a good pair of Keen hiking sandals there has not been a morning when I havent uttered a prayer of gratitude that I was hiking another day. And my gratitude always included thanks for the great people that would come and stay and "play" with us.(working hard was the point...but we had fun doing it!!!)  I soon discovered  that there was rarely a hiker that couldnt be persuaded to move and hike just by the beauty or energy that our red rock can inspire. It has been my joy and my  great privileged to spend a few hours a day with some of the most lovely people gracing this planet and sharing with them  all there is to love here in Southern Utah. Hiking with Desert Cliffs has brought me more dear  friendships,  health benefits-both mental and physical, and deep pleasure than I can count or could have dreamed of.
It may come as a surprise...but Im a women of few words...and heartfelt emotional words are the most difficult of all.  I am leaving Desert Cliffs with such a profound feeling of sadness and  a broken heart.  My "bosses"--John and Leanne are family.  We've been through thick and thin together.  We share the same dreams and passions. We "get" each other and I love them.  And the same can be said for our amazing hiking guides- my partners in crime...Nick and Cheryl and the recently departed Melanie! ....not to mention dear Lynette and Kim at the house!!! Oh how it hurts to part from ones family.
There will be a void in my life when I pull out of here and head north. A void that feels unquenchable, resembling the feeling I had on that dang North Rim Trail of the Grand Canyon!! I will try to fill it with hope, and grandbaby #8, and learning new hikes as I brave the cold of the northern regions.
I know I'll be returning to St George often...for I have adorable grandchildren living here...and as I have repeatedly told our guests...this desert gets in ones blood, never to leave the heart again.  My heart will long for my red rock, the divine blue skies and the guests that return here feeling the same way I do about this place.
For you must know that there is absolutely nothing like a good hike with great people under Desert Cliffs tutelage!!
How grateful I am for the opportunity I've had working for Desert dream job.  We are a small band of folks who are committed to serving and helping our guests to have the best experiences possible here in the St George area.  We've got a good thing going here with amazing cooks, guides and staff!!  And I was nothing but blessed to be  a part of it!!  Thank you all for enriching my life in so many ways!!!

Below is a lovely video dear Cheryl put together for me...I still cant watch it without bawling the ugly cry!! Im grateful for it...but I'm positive that it'll be many many many months before I can watch it without feeling powerful emotions- like considerable sadness and regret.  I had it so good!!!  And I knew it...every single day I knew it!!!  And I NEVER took it for granted...and yet its now over.  Every day was/ is a beautiful day here.  sob


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Dixie Mom said...

For the record, I can't watch it without the ugly cry either.
I am just at a loss with this turn of events.
Every morning I wake up grateful to be here. Grateful to be alive and I can't say that for everywhere I've lived. Even though life is throwing us a major hardship, I'd rather be living it here.
Desert Cliffs isn't going to be the same without you. There is such a profound loss.
Come back often!

Lisa said...

What a rare gift you had, Cindy, to be in the perfect job at the perfect time. I pray that you'll find that perfection again...and soon. I love you.