Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
You and I can only grow with stress and distress.
There is no muscle without strain, no character
without the fiery trials of action and conflict.
"There must needs be opposition" not only implies
an eternal resistance in the nature of things. It
implies that man need opposition in order to become
what he has it in him to become.
from: Human Anguish and Divine Love
by: Truman Madsen

 Bri and Elder Goudy...
 Connie and her family who live in Simi Valley.  Brian reports that this was the family that was hardest to leave with his last transfer.  "They made him cry."
 Elder and Brother Conrad...buds on the back porch...always an investgitor!!
Are those Bri's hairy knuckles!!! te he

Brian is in a new area now....I havent even had time to look it up on a map yet. He's in  Delano. He says its mostly a Spanish area. 75% of the people in the area are Spanish speaking and 60% of them dont 
 speak any English so knows now its  going to be a crazy journey. There is also a small percentage of 
 Philipino people in their area. The  ward is made up of  3 branches that
just combined into one big ward, so they  have to have translators. They 
have 4 investigators and all 4 are coming to church so they are very pleased with this development.
He  loves the people already!!
Go Brian!
 I am now to the point where I can count down...5 months and he's home!!!
Yay for me surviving with out him!!!


Sharon said...

I love goofy missionary pictures. To me it shows how they are still them selves and happy all the way through!

Auntie Cathy said...

Go Brian! He's been transferred from one extreme to another, but I'm happy for him to be working where he is now at the end of his mission. US missions are now international ones. We're praying for him!