Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Just look at these faces!!!


birthday boy Lachlan  he's 5 this week!!

Sweet Olive

Liam and Logan

and...I've been gone so long I dont even have a recent picture of baby Beckham!! Bad Mimi!!



There is no way in heaven that I have cause to feel sorry for myself...
These last few weeks have been downright blissful...spending time with my daughter and her doting hubby and now with Baby Ben.  But...Im missing home a bit...mostly 'cause thats where my other babies are!!  I miss them so much.  This week is Lachlans 5th birthday. Im going to miss the celebration.  Beckham is growing like a weed...and  I havent even snuggled with him yet.  I have always acknowledged that I am spoiled beyond most, because my grand-babies live in the same town as My Builder and I...  I dont think I've ever taken this for granted. But being away for so long is miserable medicine for me.
 I also know that things never stay the same...
change is inevitable...
so here's me trying not to be melancholy...
(too many postpartum hormones in the house?)
There are now 400 plus miles to be traveled to fulfill my hearts desire.
From the fringes of Nevada  to the Idaho border are my babies now.
Mimihood is almost as tough as first time motherhood!! My heart is stretched to capacity sometimes.
But I wouldnt trade it for all the Pepsi in America!!


Lisa said...

Sweet post and pictures! I agree 100% with your melancholy of not being close to all grands...and even when we are close, they're busy people, too! Love you!

Pam Hill said...

You know, I shouldn't feel for you, since none of my grandbabies are close, but I do feel for you, and totally understand what you're feeling. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my sweeties in March and hope to see some of yours too! I have a little baby quilt for Baby Ben that I hope he will like. See you soon!