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 is for LOVE -Day 1

But behold, all things have been done in the
wisdom of Him who knoweth all things. 
Adam fell that men might be; and men 
are, that they might have joy.

There are 14 days until Valentines Day.   My plethura of time for  reading has found me lighting upon some great and interesting thoughts... and since I dont believe in coincidence...I thought I'd share some really heady stuff...ideas that are difficult to least in the way that Truman Madsen writes. I wish I could instigate conversation on these ideas.

How to Be Loved and Beloved

*"In the midst of the stresses of youth there is a secret:
how to find and express romantic love.
It is exciting.
It is consuming.
But it is also uncommon. Few know it at its actual source and still fewer are able to communicate it, even in poetry or music.
Meanwhile we give our immoral support to stars who throw dust in our eyes.

You all know the initials of the handsome man who pays millions in alimony.  He is a superb actor, and for widely screened reasons he is big box office.  Not matter whom he is married to this week, he says he cannot perform on stage or camera without a "powerful love interest" in his leading lady, an interest which, apparently, goes all the way. In sacred books this sort of "interest" is not  described as love.  But if we are disposed to stone Mr. ____, let us learn at least this much from him:

Even make-believe love, even diseased and perverted love, is a powerful force."

Truman's post script or later expounding on this thought:

"This person is only a symbol of three different rip-tides felt in youth.  (or us!)

First, the notion that love is lust and that "it is all;"  " nothing but seething glands."

Second, the notion, traceable in part to the Puritan tradition, that it is really a very nasty business.

And third, the notion, for which religion has too often been responsible, that love and marriage are of the Fall and even of the Devil and that the really religious person avoids them in their romantic modes.  These attitudes are not always explicitly voiced.  But they are "in the air" and they drench us, and they mislead us."

*Truman Madsen- Four Essays on Love

Is that just as clear as soup!!??

Ivan Aivazovsky, Between the Waves, 1898

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