Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Mimi Monday

Love was action. It came to you. It was not chance.
from: Bel Canto
by: Ann Patchett

I miss these curls!! 
I wonder if they are still there under that crew cut?

There is something about this boys' eyes that melt me to the core!

The giggles from this girl should be recorded for a Hollywood movie!! Its enchanting to hear.

He has every sport in his he's learning to juggle!! No kidding

Are 7 month old babies supposed to pulling themselves up to a standing position?  And he's now sporting 2 teeth!
she's moving closer!!! That means we'll see her more often!! Yea!!  Oh my the eyes on this one!!

I look at this chronology of my grandchildren...and I am once again awed.  My Builder and I have been grandparents for a very short time...4 1/2 yrs.  (Lucie makes it look like we have been at it longer than we we have welcomed her to the ranks only just last summer.)  I can hardly believe what can happen exponentially in so few years. And to wonder about and contemplate the 2 new little boys that will be arriving the first of the new year.... wonder of wonders.
Mimi's heart expands and is so full  of gratitude for each one of these precious children and their wonderful parents!!

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