Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon is often said that great books must pass the test
of time. This is quite true. But it is not the passage
of time that makes the books great. They were great when they were
written. An enduring interest in a book merely confirms it greatness.
- Mortimer J. Adler

Of the two...
The Crystal Cave is by far the best read of the last month!
The Art of Racing in the Rain was interesting precept...a story told from a dog's point of view.  But it wasnt very well written...and there was too much about race car driving for my liking.  We had an interesting discussion at book club about it....but even that was kind of half-hearted.  2 1/2 stars from me.
The Crystal Cave on the other hand...
Is  well crafted, full of vivid characters and scenery!
Its the story of the boy and then the man behind the magician -Merlin of Old.
Loved reading it as a teenager.
Enjoyed it again as an adult.
There must be countless numbers of books about Merlin, King Arthur and Old Britain...
These may be the very best!!!
Im on to book 2 of the trilogy!
4 1/2 stars for book 1!!!


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