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And Now I See The Moon

Sabbath Reflections

It is the grand misfortune of my life that nobody will
let me alone. Why- I ask everybody-why worry me?
from: Woman In White
by: Wilkie Collins

Stairway To Heaven hike
 Here is where we begin the the top!!
 View from the top...Quail and Sand Hollow Reservoir in the background!!  Heaven!!!
Coming back down...and down...

* Hiked approx. 38 miles this week.  Not pansy hikes...but some of the toughest we have on the roster.  Probably have 38 scratches, sore spots, pokes and aches to match the miles.  Gratitude for our adventurous guest this week.  Grateful that this ol bod can still do this!!

* The last 3 1/2 miles were done on Sat. with the Young Women and Young Men of our ward.  Hiking with them is not like normal hiking. It was a race!!!   Never have I done the Kanarraville hike with such speed and obliviousness to the surrounds.  Whew!! Next boys allowed!!

*Volleyball is over for the or loose they have a great time.  And winning happened a lot more often this year!!  Improvement rocks!!!

* Hiking with my boss, John, was a treat. I've missed his company on the trails.

* Anticipation of the BYU basketball season...and being able to go to the game on Saturday!!!  Go Stephen and Josh!!  Seeing family and friends at the Marriott Center...perfection!!!

* Listening to Anna talk about her Hypno-birthing classes..and to wonder at the power of the mind.  She now knows how to hypnotize herself...or David knows how to put her under... fascinating!!!

* Anticipating getting into see THRILLER Monday night.  And its going to cost me nothing!! All I have to do is wear black pants, a white shirt, weld a flashlight and be willing to usher!! Cool deal!!!  Small price to pay to see such a great show at the greatest venue in the state....that would be Tuacahn!

I am grateful for the peace and comfort I have received from my loving Heavenly Father recently. I have been say the least....about what the future holds for us.  My Builder has been spending a lot of necessary time in Logan...building a business.  I have sat here at home...worrying about the prospect of moving to the nether-regions of Utah...where its cold and nasty for too many months of the year.  I have prayed and fasted and prayed some more over this prospect.  How can I leave paradise, grandkids, my job, and the sunshine, and our folks, for Logan!!!??  I just cant imagine it.  Its next to impossible to comprehend. 
I've heard all my Mormon life that answers from God can cause a burning in the bosom, or a feeling of calm, or even of hearing the words of an answer in your mind...
And I suppose, when I reflect on it, I too have enjoyed this whole variety of responses from our compassionate Heavenly Father.  This time...after much wrestling, and struggling with my prayers and the outcome...I did receive a tender mercy from God!!!  And I have been returning to the said  "notification" at least a half a dozen times a day.  Its not a cop out...this answer I received, its a blessing.  I was told that I should not worry like I do. I was told to take one month at a time and to enjoy each month, each day, and that the future will unfold to us in a slow and simple way.   Normally this response would not comfort me...Im a "need to know" kind of gal...but I am comforted...and I am grateful for the insight.  (and I means Im not moving north for the least not this month!!)
It helps.
A lot.
Heavenly Father does care...about little ol me...
and about you too!!!

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