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A path is a prior interpretation of the
best way to traverse a landscape.
from: Wanderlust: A History of Walking
by: Rebecca Solnit

yep...we're going up there...again we go up!!
a really tricky spot!!

As I've already told you...last week was a memorable hiking week.  I m still recovering.  Im going to try and keep it up the workout this week...on our own, without guests.
I thought I'd share with you one of last weeks  most unyielding hikes.

I LOVE learning new hikes!  And this time it was the guest leading the guides...our esteemed guest had done Tuacahn Split more than once.  We were excited!!! Unexpectedly the longest hike, the most grueling hike was in our own back yard.
What messed us we have a  hike that only has a couple ways out/down!!
Going up was easy...if up,up, up is ever easy . Up to the mazes of rock, slots, cliffs, and boulders the size of houses.
We started fairly early in the morning. I was confident that we'd be home by lunch time.  I didnt think it necessary to bring my PP&J and veggies like I normally do.  (We all did have plenty of water!)  We had a wonderful time climbing, bush wacking, gathering scratches and sore muscles and sweaty shirts.  The veiws are breath-taking into Snow Canyon State Park, and we explored our way over to the Coliseum  I hadnt been to those heights for over a year!  From there we all decided that we'd  make our way back to where we knew there was a way down through a gap in the cliff.  This is about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Southward hoe we went.  up and down, up and down, up and get the picture.  I took lots of pictures...which never in a million years will ever convey the beauty and grandeur or even the heights we obtained.
To make a long and grueling day sound not so long and grueling....let me just say we made our way down and then back up 3 separate canyons looking for and hoping that each try was the correct one.  We were all getting our a#$(<*'s kicked!! Finally the fourth canyon was the right canyon.  Our descent was a smooth one, and a grateful one too.  We hobbled to the car at 5:00pm! wasted and relieved.  We were also so grateful and happy that we didnt have to call out the cavalry to rescue us.  I was also grateful that the only thing worse for wear was the seat of my shorts and undies....they were torn to was  all the  butt scooting up there!!
Its a fabulous hike! Someday I'll do it again-after the memory fades of all the aimless wandering. It'll take a few more dry runs before I can learn this trail...but I DO want to learn it!! Then I can take others, and have their butts kicked too!!
oh the simple pleasures just dont end!!!

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Dixie Mom said...

Oh my word. I think that a couple of those spots would have scared the pants right off of me.
I'm up for hiking all you want this week!