Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Summer was our best season; it was
sleeping on the back screened porch
in cots, or trying to sleep in the
treehouse; summer was everything
good to eat; it was a thousand
colors in a parched landscape.
from: To Kill a Mockingbird
by: Harper Lee

Its dawning on me just now that my enjoyable evening last night was all about my good family humoring dear little me.
I had convinced myself-quite well I might add-that everyone was having a marvelous time last night as we went on an evening hike. (It was my Builders idea.)
But, after returning home and having had time to reflect on the experience- Im thinking my family does loves me, but that they truly were just humoring me all along the way.
"Oh yes, lets let mom take us on a hike, that'll make her feel good about herself."

Dont be mistaken though...unless you are dead between the ears and heart, there is nobody that cant help but appreciate the scenery around here. And last night was no exception. It was beautiful, and the conditions were perfect. Heavenly Father provided the perfect ventilation in a good stiff breeze while we were out. I was anticipating a renewed enjoyment as well, for I so enjoy returning to a place where I normally only hike in the morning light and find myself marveling at what a change of light can do to a place so familiar. A sunset is so different than a sunrise. (duh)

And I did hear a few oohhs and ahhhhs from the 'crowd." Mostly from Chelsea and Lachlan. Lachlan was totally impressed by the red mountain!!!
But remember, Im a slow learner, and as I reflect on last evening, here are some things that seem obvious now, and maybe not then.
First: Maybe, just maybe the rest of my family really doesnt love what I love. They dont appreciate what I appreciate. And thats alright by long as they continue to humor me every once in a while.

Lets start at the top of the food chain-with my Builder. Remember- that it was his idea to go on a hike originally; but maybe deep down, as he threw the idea out there, he didnt think he would be taken seriously. (I guess it happens sometimes)
In reality, last night he was in beginning battle mode for fending off our shared cold germ. In short, he wasnt feeling top dog last night. But he snapped a lot of pictures and he ohhhhed and ahhhed sufficiently too.
Speaking of dogs...we brought Zoey along with us on the hike too. She doesnt get out enough, and it became highly obvious that this was so, for she was the one to flake out on us first. After heading out full charge at the beginning portion of the hike, it wasnt long before she was slumping in the path and wouldnt budge her hinny for several long minutes. I think there were times along the way when she thought it might be the four legged critter that might not make it back to the truck!! Go figure...we own an out-of-shape mongrel, whom we love.
Next would be me. Im still recovering from my cold and my VERY tender tailbone. Oh how grateful I was that my little group of hikers were much slower than Im normally accustomed to traveling with. I needed a break and a breather as far as pace was concerned. But it felt oh so good to be moving again...oh so good!
Next we have Rob. He seems to have the shoulders of a pack mule. He carried his dear little Olive in a pack the whole way in and all the way out. Was it fun for him....not sure. But hes a good sport and has a willing heart.

Chelsea was a trooper. Maybe shes not a hiker by nature...though she did hike all the way in and out of Havasupi one summer! I think that makes anyone a true hiker in anyones book!! Anyway, Chelsea is a great appreciator of light and texture and I know she enjoyed her surroundings last night. much fun did she have????...not sure....she too is battling a cold and last but certainly not least...SHE'S PREGNANT for pete sakes!! Shes entitled to feel any way she wants to!!! She also had double duty in being Lachlan's cheerleader and commiserater of boo-boos.

Then we have Joe. First may I say I was a bit shocked that Joe even showed up for an out-door experience. Ususally he passes. But I sure am grateful he didnt this time. He was Lachlan's strong steed as we followed the wash home. He was the trail blazer and scout as he enjoyed the lead most of the time. I am sure he's glad he took his wise mommy's advice and went home first for some REAL shoes instead of heading out in flip-flops. Joe's the strong, silent, quiet type, so I may never know his true feeling about the hike. Im just happy he was with us, and Im sure thats why he joined us.

Last but not least we have the kiddies. Olive traveled in style-high up on her fathers capable shoulders. She didnt fuss or fidget or freak the whole time we were out. She was along for the ride. And I know she enjoyed listening to her dad practice words with her all along the way.

Lachlan may soon be my true blue hiking buddy some day. He was great! He was slow but determined. If he had had better shoes...he may have glided better over those rocks!!! He would stumble and fall at times, but he'd quickly be up and brushing himself off and checking for bloody knees and then immediatley carry on. Im also sure the little tike would have been completely willing to walk all the way back to the car...but we needed to pick up the pace a bit, in order to get back before he rode gallently on Joes and my shoulders back to the trailhead.
Yep...I'm possitive he's going to be a great future hiking companion. And I cant wait to show him all there is to see out there, as together we gather coral dust between our toes/piggies.

Thanks so much family- for all the good humoring last night!!!
You are the best!!!

I wonder....
Does Natalie feel sad that she missed out on this night? Probably not. Clark also graciously bowed out of the opportunity. We missed them both very much.
And I also wonder....
Will any one of my fellow hikers from last night want to return with me sometime so that I can show them just how close to the end and the pools we came??!!! So close!!!!!!

Well done thou good and faithful family!!!


Cindy said...

Oh!!!! We would have loved to be there! No grumbling from us! We miss the red rocks and smell of the desert! Hopefully soon we'll be down!

Judy said...

Sounds wonderful - and I'm sorry about your "boo boo". I need to hear more about it. I haven't been to your blog much lately - so busy busy.
And what happened to the girls trip idea! I'm just ready to come down and hike with you after reading this post! I LOVE fall in Southern Utah!