Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Marilla, isnt it nice to think that
tomorrow is a new day with no
mistakes in it yet?
from: Anne of Green Gables
by: Lucy Maud Montgomery 1908


I almost had a sore throat.
Im guessing that it was as close to having one without actually getting one in the end. It was VERY scratchy!!!

I didnt move from the couch for almost 2 full days. I was feeling sick. TV almost became unbearable.

I went through almost a full roll of TP, blowing my nose.

I almost broke my tailbone on Monday. I fell down like a ton of ungraceful bricks while on my favorite hike. OUCH!!! and even a little embarrassing.

That embarrassing fall- almost did serious damage to my wrists as well. They are tender still, along with my tailbone- even these 6 days later.

I almost said no to the bishop.

I almost gave up Pepsi (again) Ha!! JK

I almost set a personal record for consecutive dinners cooked by me in a given week. (last week, when I wasnt sick.)

And last but not least- I almost forgot sweet Laurens birthday!!! Sorry for the delay in good wishes my love. Happy, happy belated birthday!!! You are sweet!!!

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Pam Hill said...

Hope your writsts and tailbone are feeling better. I hurt my tailbone a few years back, I don't even know how really, and it was tender for about 10 months! Crazy.