Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
I realize I've forgotten how very simple
a little straight-up love can be:
"I am the leg of you."
from: Driving Mr Albert
by: Michael Paterniti

 Christmas morning...bright and early!!  But so grateful we could share it with the little boys and Lucie...with some family!! 

 You will notice that there is one less beautiful face missing from all these pictures...and that would be Mericar!! She was the photographer...and we're grateful...but sad that we didnt make sure she was in some of the pics!!

Hardware Ranch was a lovely little outing too!  We bundled up...expecting the worst...and instead we had sunshine, no crowds and lots of elk to see.  The 'sleigh' ride was really a wagon ride...but our trusty guide...named Cheeseburger...was a wealth of information about the elk.  William and Ben were warm...but the little girl from another family on our 'sleigh' wept the whole time...because her feet were so cold she couldnt feel them or wiggle them as her daddy was always suggesting her to do...poor thing.
Oh how I love this family of mine...

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