Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Two Wills Make a Right

Will these two be forever cemented in each others heart? If I were a bett'in woman I'd put a lot of dough down on this pair and their adoration of one another.  If I havent already told you... My Builder is the 'Grand Whisperer.'  All who know him and observe him with the little ones he adores would agree. But these two seem especially connected.
Im wondering if this bond is all the stronger due to Popa being in the very next room with only a bedsheet  hanging in the archway flimsily  dividing them for one another and the singular, miraculous, laborious experience of William coming into the world...on the couch that Popa bought.  I suppose having the same first name couldnt hurt the bonding experience either.

Favorite daughter, grand and Popa firmly bonded forever.
Its a splendid  thing...a beautiful man with a beautiful grand!!

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