Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Gray is the sky color here, the dove-breast clouds
louring so upon the hilltops that sometimes you feel
you could just reach up and bury your hands in their softness.
from: Year of Wonders
by: Geraldine Brooks

Introductions are due.
This is Alfredo...a white ringnecked dove.
He's my "band-aide" for the longing I feel for wanting a puppy.  A puppy anit happ'in anytime soon....maybe in the spring Im told.  And thus I have sweet, handsome Alfredo.
He's a legitimate band-aide, for he is debonair, and peaceful.  He wont chew things up. He doesnt eat much, and his morning and evening cooing melts my cold, cold heart.
I've decided that the soft cooing of a dove is a gentle reminder of summertime.  I need reminders of summertime, when windows are open and the sounds of morning doves are heard from the eves.
Now I have Alfredo to do this for me every day of the year.
Im told its unusual for a dove to happily perch on a finger.  He seems to prefer it...especially when we go to the couch in the front room and bask in the sun together.   Im looking forward to getting to know him better...and for him to become accustomed to me too.  (this morning he flew away from Lucie and took a short turn around the room and came back to land on my finger!!)
Im being grateful, once again, for My Builders generous and slightly guilty soul, for allowing me to bring another handsome fellow into my life.

P.S.- I case you were I came up with the name Alfredo...its because he's creamy white, AND because he came into my life on the evening that we were to meet Clark and Jenna for dinner in Salt Lake. Alfredo was tucked nicely into his take home box from the pet store..and I knew he couldnt be left in the cold, cold car while we enjoyed dinner and conversation with C& I brought him in with us to THE PIE.  We discussed names throughout the night...but nothing rang we were readying to leave I had everyone make a last ditch effort to come up with a suitable name.   We brainstormed at the door..of a pizza joint...Thus Alfredo!!! Perfection!!! ( Probably will be shortened by some to Alf or Alfie.)


Joy said...

Beautiful dove! I discovered your blog accidentally, and enjoyed reading some of the inspirational quotes. In fact, I just took out the book "Wrinkle in Time" after reading one of your posts. I think the one about getting older;) Be well, and Happy 2014!

Joy said...

P.S. And, just love your blog title? The Barn Burnt Down....I think it's based on a haiku written by Mizuta Masahide? Optimism can be highly contagious, thank you!

Jared + Carly Reid said...

where are you!!