Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
"Dwell in the solution," which is shorthand for something a Christian
writer named Emmet Fox once said, which was, "Do not dwell in
 the problem, dwell in the solution; the solution is God."
  Now my father didnt believe in God, but he believed in the
 existence of the sacred, of the holy; it was pretty hard not
 to believe in anything in the face of Bach, or our mountain.
from: All New People
by: Anne Lamott

We need your prayers.
Growing ones own business isnt for sissy's.
Important decisions loom around every corner.
I think we have the biggest decision of a life time coming at us this week.
We need your that  we make the right choice for us.
2 long years we've been at this.
Growth has been slow but steady. There's been enough growth to keep me hopeful. Barely.
3 strong personalities at the helm. (I just listen.)
We all just want to do the right thing for long term benefits.
I wish God would crack open the heavens for just a moment and yell down to us what we should do.
We pray and we are still confused...its that stupor of thought...but we dont know the cause.
Pray for us please.


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