Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

No pang that is suffered by man or woman
upon the earth will be without its compensating
effect..if it be with patience.
-James E Talmage

Yes...we're moving.
I wish it was us returning to St George...or that we were going to California or better yet, to Mexico. But alas, we are moving just a few blocks away.  We're staying in Logan..where its almost June and yet it's still feeling like November.  8 months of cold weather is for the birds.  (No...thats wrong...cause birds can fly south, and far away from here.)  Last night, and tonight, it'll be cold enough to see our breath.
May June bring warmth..real warmth I pray.

But I  find encouragement  that this move means progress.  A little bit of progress. Now the Sherwoods and the Stephensons are combining forces, in both business and in residence, and are now  moving into a  spacious rental home together.  We'll have plenty of room there, and a lovely backyard to stretch our legs and to till and tend to.

We move in on the 10th of June. But we have already gone over and planted a wee herb garden out back amongst the weeds, and My Builder and Ben have weeded the long neglected sandbox together.  Anna is anxious to do some 'nesting' before baby boy #2 arrives in July, so she's highly motivated to get this moving process started.

Everyday I bring home boxes from work, that hopefully dont smell too much like day old beer battered onion rings, and pack a few things that I wont need between now and the move. You'd think this would be a piece of cake for me...we only moved here to Siberia just a year ago...(though it seems much longer.)   Honestly, I havent accumulated  new 'stuff' in that short amount of time. I promise.  Maybe a few books and some plants have joined us???
But there are already more boxes lining the walls of this apartment than I thought possible.
Moving is never easy work.

The plan is to enjoy the new digs for about a year.
David graduates from Graduate School next spring.
But whats not being least out loud...
whats no longer being promised is the immediate vacating of this God forsaken place the day after he's done...
"These things take time, " is what Im hearing.
Moving fast around here is a foreign concept...


.....on so may levels.

Pray that The garden doesnt freeze tonight...and yes..its a real possibility.
Pray for me...that I wont have to send back yet another unwanted BBQ Bacon Ranch Burger to the kitchen where they'll roll their eyes and wonder why I "dont get it right the first time."
Pray for me...that I can find the restraint to stay off Tumblr for more than a day.
And most importantly...pray that I can find my writing  "voice" again. I lost it  in last years  move. Hopefully as  I pack up again, I'll discover my 'voice'  behind the toaster or in an old shoe box. I need to communicate again. Being 'holed up' in our dingy little apartment has swallowed up a lot of things about me.  So its time to shake off the grumpiness and funky cobwebs and begin again!

Here's hoping a few extra rooms and a lawn of our own will help to an evolving rabbit food business too!!


Jared + Carly Reid said...

WOW! Cool! You are so strong and patient Aunt Cindy...Heavenly Father is putting you through the refiner's fire and He is molding you right now! You can do this! Good times ARE around the corner.

Dixie Mom said...

It sounds like definitely a move in the right direction. Maybe the next move will be even away from there!

Pam Hill said...

I had a friend who taught me to ask the Lord, "What is it I'm supposed to learn from this (trial), so I can get past it?" That was her question about every trial that came along, as they are all supposed to teach us something, right? Well, maybe there is something about Logan you are supposed to learn... and when you do, you'll get out of there! Here's hoping. Learn fast.