Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Best of 2012

"If you had high hopes, how would you know how high
they were?  And did you know that narrow escapes come
in all different widths?  Would you travel the whole wide 
world without ever knowing how wide it was?  And how
could you do anything at long last," he concluded, waving
his arms over his hear,  " without know how long the last was?"
from: The Phantom Tollbooth 
by: Norton Juster

Best Book I read....Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand  my list of books is found here.

Best Movie...Les Miserables...barely snuck that one in on time..otherwise..not remembering any memorable movies of 2012

Best TV Show....Downton Abbey...there it is again...mentioning it twice in one week.

Best Meal at a Restaurant...Settabellos's.  A pizza "parlor" located in downtown Salt Lake.  Divine!

Best Moment....Clark looking at Jenna across the alter at the Temple as they were sealed together for time and eternity, with family and friends looking on.

Most Content...Being in the temple with ALL my chill'ins!

Best gift..A turtle necklace from my mom. You know why that was the best!

Best News...More grands due in July!! That'll make 10!!

Best Game...any BYU basketball game when Josh is playing

Most Anticipated that The Hobbit is will be Star Trek...This summer!!

Best Neighbor...Anna and David...they even feed us!

Best Rabbit food...hummmm...I wonder....Sherwood Forest Rabbit food of course!!

Best Blog...not an easy choice...but I've decided on this one...for now

Best waste of time...Pintrest!

Best tea....Good Earth, Sweet and Spicy!! Its divine..seriously!!

Best beauty tip...drink LOTS of water...and spend some money on Lancome'

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Dixie Mom said...

This is a GREAT summary of your bests Cindy! And I LOVE this picture. Been waiting to see one. Here's to a better 2013.