Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


A kind of peace settle over us, the sort of narrow peace
that I imagined pioneer families live in during the bitter black
winters, when dark fell early and lingered late, and snow 
piled silently against doors and windows, and commerce 
with the outside world was suspended until spring.
from: The House Next Door
by: Anne Rivers Siddons

Its no secret.
2012 was a hard year for me.
You heard me complain..a lot.
I felt justified in my whining. I no longer hike (much). I miss my red rock more than Pepsi. I miss my hiking friends, my parents, the grands and Sunday dinners.  I miss warm sun and blue skies and cactus and palm trees. I miss the sand between my toes. I miss our hot tub.  I know I've said all this before..but this is a review..and these things havent changed.
2012 was definitely about change; about nothing staying the same.

The Best Things About 2012

Beckham and Benjamin joining the family
Brian returning home from his 2 year mission in California.
Jenna Dot Loveday joining the family.
Mission calls to many young people I know and love.
Downton Abbey
Gardening...tomatoes, squash, tomatoes, chard, tomatoes!  Yum!
Learning that 2 more grands are due in 2013!

But enough is enough.  2013 is going to be a year of no complaining
...of less complaining...
of hardly any complaining...(until the furnace went out!!)

Its going to be a clean start for me.
My Builder deserves better. He's put up with the long face for long enough.
 I've determined that this indeed is going to be our year...for good changes.
I am grateful to all my friends and family who have put up with my whining for more than 356 days. I have needed your empathy.  I am thankful.

This is the year for dear new friends to add to the  dear old friend list.
This is the year for a clean start.
This is the year for new responsibilities and stewardship.
These new challenges will bring new blessings..and miracles...This time I feel sure of it.
There are many a book to be read.
There are new things to be learned, like deciphering a bus schedule...and reading music.
Creating a home from a lack-luster apartment is a good challenge too.
There's much to write about....
and creativity to be nourished.
And negativity to kick to the curb.
And grands to be spoiled.
There is much to do!!

Bring on 2013 and lets see where it leads! 


Jared + Carly Reid said...

love this :) you go aunt cindy!

Builder said...

Love ya..