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Revisiting That Old Nemesis....Prayer

"...its true that I really had, I still do have all these
problems.  There is no way that they will go away
 for me.  But I deal with them the way I can." He lifted 
 his chin.  "And Im very happy with the way I deal with them.
from: Strength In What Remains
by: Tracy Kidder

My heart and soul speaks to God..or "prays" to Heavenly Father.  But...I guess we are not just 'wraith- like' souls who happen to be stuck in bodies for a while; we are human beings, made  of body and soul, and whatever we do, we should do with our whole beings. This may be something unique to Mormonism, this belief we are only 'whole' with both body and soul together.  (Christ came to the earth to experience life with a body, with all its foibles and challenges.)
So when I pray, I should try  to pray with my  body as well as with my mind and heart. Kneeling in prayer is an obvious way to do this....though always such a challenge for me. (why is this!!!!???)  And I've mentioned this finding another way to pray.... praying with some already written prayers that I have been collecting....I'm thinking I should now say the words out loud.
I’ll  admit that this is sometimes inconvenient.  There are many times I can’t very well go into my closet, as Jesus tells us to do, a pray aloud.  I cant/wont climb up on a tower as Nephi did and shout my prayers to heaven... but I can at least whisper them under my breathe...or..say the words silently, but really say them. I can move my lips. It still feels  odd to me, but I hope to get used to it. This way I’m really praying with my body. And, there are two more advantages to this technique.  First, I find if I read the prayers silently to myself, in my head, its easy to skim them; moving my lips slows me down and helps me to pay attention. Second, if someone walks in while Im praying and sees me moving my lips while looking at my 'prayer book', they can easily guess that Im concentrating on something important and I  may be be left alone until Im finished. At least, that’s the hope. 
That's  two more cents from me on the subject. 
Happy Sabbath to you.

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