Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
On the macro scale, I perceive what physicists tell us
is true on the micro: Even in chaos there is order,
purpose, and strange meaning that invites- but often
thwarts -our investigation and our understanding.
from: Odd Thomas
by: Dean Koontz

 Any ideas on what to do with Spaghetti Squash!! We have a few!!!

I cant believe its already been a week since we harvested and canned tomatoes!! Today we arent even going to think about tomatoes!   Our garden is producing like crazy...but the weather is really cooling down at night, so I think its slowing things down out there a little.  Whew!!

10 baby ducks are supposed to be delivered some time this week!  Its amazing what can be shipped through the postal service.  Cant wait to meet them.

My job...makes me feel my age.  Additionally...Im gaining weight..which I hate!!  I work harder than I have in many years...and Im gaining weight!! The food we serve is too tempting and all around me!! Im so exhausted at the end of my shift that I can barely pedal home...My Builder comes and rescues me more often than not and throws my bike in the back and drives me home, where I collapse on the bed and cant move while my feet throb and ache.  Poor pitiful me. (not really)  Im grateful for the work and I enjoy the people I work with.  I just need to toughen up and stop EATING!!!   PS- Im so very grateful for the restorative power of sleep!! I sleep like a baby and can get up the next morning feeling fit enough to take on another day at The Grill!!

My Church keeps me hopp'in.  This week we had what is called Enrichment meeting. It was a wonderful success..due to the committee chairs and their creativity.  Lots of ladies showed up and we had a marvelous time playing 'get to know' you games..which we desperately need.  The names of all the women are beginning to stick. Whew

My family....seems to be getting along just fine without me.  Which of course is a good thing.  Brian is enjoying his first semester of college and ROTC.  I think ROTC is his favorite time of the week though. I've proof-read a paper from both Brian and Rob...and am so happy to help.  Joe is stick'in to the hard things too...he's still attending his early morning (7:00am) class and all the others! Plus, he's looking  for a different part time job...Walmart stocking wasnt working for him!! Clark's class load isnt for the faint hearted and he seems to thrive with the challenge; plus doing what he can to keep sweet Jenna happy and interested. be young again!!!

Extracurricular activities- I spend too much time on facebook, more than I probably should. I'm the 'marketing specialist' for  Sherwood Forest and now for The Center Street Grill, and for Rob and Utah Mortgage!! I really enjoy the challenge and the research process.  I think I may be making a real difference and that feels good!!  (The Center Street Grill gig is a paying venture!!)
I havent read  a whole book in weeks. sigh.  I fall asleep.
Its so hard to get to the Temple. sigh.  I fall asleep.
This is the first 'writing' I've done in weeks. I'm too tired and lack inspiration...
speaking of which...
Where is my inspiration? Is it in the dishwater at work? Is it in the shake machine that splatters shake matter across the front of my turquoise T-shirt no matter how hard I try to not have it happen?  Is it in the fry sauce squirt bottles that seem to have mysterious vacuum- like void at their bottoms, for they never stay full!!??  What do people do with all the fry sauce!!!??? Do they fill their pocket with it, or are they emptying it into their  to-go mugs to take it home to their kids? Im quite sure we go through at least a gallon of the stuff a day!! No kidding!!! (It's a secret recipe....maybe folks are smuggling it out and taking it to a lab for testing....)  Can my inspiration be found in the lonely old men who come in every single morning for their coffee, biscuts and gravy with hashbrowns?  As I evesdrop...with great descression...I hear them talking about the same things, complaining about the same things, and am filled with mixed emotions.  Some of them are as sweet as can be..and are quick with a hello and a generous tip...and we love them. And some of them are as grouchy as cats with their hairs bent back!...and they are so much more difficult to love;  instead I feel I want to lecture them on attitude adjustments!!  Needless to say..inspiration seems to be in short supply around here lately.

Sweet Anna spent way too many hours on the couch with me last night..helping me to figure out how to  'slurp' my first year of my blog into book form. It looks like I may have to rob a bank in order to pay for such a treasure between two covers...for we are only half way through it ...and we are up to 50 plus pages of pictures and my ramblings. feels like a worthwhile project and would be money well spent. Im up to   wiping down, and clearing a lot more tables. I can wash more spoons and greasy floors and tolerate the grouchy old men...and some disagreeable  young folks too, for such a treasure!!! I will grovel for tips!!
Its been so fun going back and remembering 2007!!!  Check it out if you'd like to see what Im talking about!

Hope your weekend is delightful friends!!


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Jared + Carly Reid said...

you are such a hard worker! way to go, aunt cindy. that's so cool you're making your blog into a book...i will eventually want to do that! what is "slurp"? i've only heard of "blurb" and "blog2print" to make blogs into books. i haven't heard of slurp!