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Mimi Monday

The weekend was all that I'd hoped it would and little boys playing ball...on soccer fields or just out in the backyard with dad and the uncles.   We ate, relaxed, did some shopping...a very little shopping and ate some more and played games and visited.  It was delightful!!
We love this pic of cousins feet! Beckham and Benjamin are only 3 weeks apart in age...Ben being older...but Beckham has him by leaps and bounds in height and weight!! Just look at those feet!!  Beckham is like a Great Dane puppy waiting to growing into his paws!!!  What delightful kids!! What joy to watch them grow and develop!!
Ben and Beckham...whose foot is 3 weeks younger than Bens!!


Anna said... have that backwards. :) Beckham is older by 3 weeks than Ben.

Mikele Stephenson said...

Crazy how fast those cute boys are growing up!! love you!