Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
....there are two great choices in life, the
 animal plain....or the spiritual realm, which
 includes the intellectual, the love of beauty,
 the love of good literature in which we can
 find "...tongues in trees, books in the running
 brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.
 -David O. McKay
 Quoting in part- William Shakespeare

My little freezer is beginning to look like someone  cares about their health lives here now.  There's hardly any room left in it for ice cream or frozen Oreos! Instead it brimming with frozen homemade apple sauce and frozen kale and swiss chard and now a couple of freeze zip-loc bags with these delightful squares of homemade/homegrown basil pesto!  They were so easy to make and so unbelievably fragrant to boot!!  I hope to make another batch before the freezing nights destroy the basil plants outside!!
PS- I cooked a Spaghetti squash in the crock pot the other day...and it worked!!  Double duty for the crockpot!! Yay!!
10 little baby ducks arrived in a cramped little box this week too!!  They are adorable! I love random is that!?  Its going to be so fun and distracting to watch these little guys grow up and start laying eggs for us each day. Im so pleased that they'll have a attractive and protective enclosure to live in and even a small pond to play in!  Stay tuned for introductions and naming of the gaggle.

While we are away for the weekend...we found a trusty duckling watcher!! whew!

 It pains me more than you can ever know to admit here that winter is just around the corner. I can feel it! The trees on the mountains out my window have changed color.  There is real beauty there...but I can hardly appreciate it...for I know what it means...snow will be flying soon. This week I have begun boxing up my summer tee shirts and making space for my winter sweaters and sweat shirts, which  have been stored at the mill.  Im very sad about this turn of events.  I'll take summer all year round any time!!

 Today we leave for a long anticipated   weekend in Salt Lake with the grands!! Two days away from here..playing with the babies and visiting with Brian and Clark and Jenna and Joe and Natalie, and hopefully Lucie too!!!! Bliss! There will be a soccer game and a lot of putting my feet up and giving my bones a break.  Two days of not thinking about the salad bar, the waste, and the drama and where the right buttons are on the cash register.  Ta TA!!!

peace out!!

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