Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
When too much is too much or too bad is
too bad, we laugh as if it was too good.
You just laugh instead of crying. Accidents of birth.
from: Strength in What Remains
a Burundian saying
by: Tracy Kidder

How fitting.
I learn something new everyday.
And we continue to learn what to do with this blessed it's starting to come out of our ears now!!
Speaking of about an update on ours:

 winter squash...for .....winter...sigh.  (an upside to winter I suppose.)
 Strawberries to tempt and please man.
 What do we do with _____berries?!
 Kale and lemon savory...for soups, chips and delectable flavor!!
 Zucchini .... characteristically taking over  the world!!
 tomatoes anyone...I believe we'll have PLENTY!! (im gonna need a good salsa recipe for canning!!)
 Chard for an army!!!
 baby watermelon...hurry and grow...its already getting cooler here!!!!

 I was mocked for planting they are beautiful and plentiful!
 2 different varieties of cuc's...YUM!!!
Our garden brings us great joy and yummy nourishment.  We are grateful everyday for its bounteous

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