Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
The root of the word education is "e-ducere," 
literally, to lead forth, or to bring out 
something that is potentially present.
from: The Art of Loving
by: Erich Fromm

This rabbit business is a family affair.  Its time consuming and relentless in all the little and big things that need doing.
To ease the pressure and take away some added worry or stress...I have volunteered to take over the responsibility for the Sherwood Forest blog.  Not sure what direction its going to take yet.  I know I dont know much about anything when it comes to rabbits...but I'm willing to I did today.  I learned about rabbit teeth. Saw some horrific pictures from vets about what can go wrong with bunny teeth...and Im sure Im not going to share that!!  But I did learn some new things...and if you're interested...go Here to read my simple words of wisdom.
Now Im going to ask you...yes YOU... for ideas and for input about what I should or could write about to share with the rabbit loving world.  Ask me questions, give me some ideas, Please!!! If you know anyone who'd like to guest post...please let me know  that too!!
The suggestion box is open!!!
And I thank you!!


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