Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Sleep is the only proper situation for inactivity; the state
of awakeness is one in which laziness should have no
place.  The paradoxical situation with a vast number
of people today is that they are half asleep when awake,
and half awake when asleep or when they want to sleep.
from: The Art of Loving
by Erich Fromm

So...yesterday I made the mistake of making the announcement about getting a job on the bewitching void called facebook.  The mistake was making it sound like it was a big deal.
Today Im here to let you's not a big deal.
In fact, it's very anticlimactic...especially compared to my dream job in St George. (I wont be gathering any type of dust between my hiking toes.)
Having downplayed all this..Im grateful for the work, and Im grateful Im not going to be on an assembly line or trying to sell clothing. (no offence Joe-you were good, really good at what you did)  I like clothes...sort of, but I do, abhor shopping for clothes. So it was very hard to imagine myself being behind the counter at a cash register selling socks or girdles or skirts that I couldnt afford.
But..Im meandering...
I've been trying to picture myself somewhere where I could continue to  meet people and help people.  And I believe this new job will fit the bill for now.  Starting Thurs. I'll be waitressing, or hostessing with the mosting, at a one of a kind diner here in Logan. Anna calls it a greasy spoon, but it feels right for me right now. I'll get the morning shift..which I love, and I'll work till 3:00. Perfect. They serve a sit-down breakfast and the owner takes great pride in her greasy, delicious hamburgers!!

And after another interview this afternoon, I'll know whether I'll have an additional evening job, 2 nights a week at Deseret Book.
Im feeling very relieved and somewhat grateful for these help with the bills and to keep busy.

As far as the new doo is concerned, I guess I raised my kids to be too kind  (if there is such a thing as being too kind)...   until it's (my long stringy hair)  became a train wreck and it's also now required of me to get up in front of a crowded room, before it became more than obvious that my neglected hair could no longer be neglected. After I left behind a rather large pile of hair on the daughter was happy to then point out that my long hair made me look old!!!

I am so very grateful to all my dear friends and family that have been rooting for me. Im a lucky lady!
Love to you all!!


ANna said...

If you recall I never used the word 'old' are putting words in my just reminded me of someone. And also you really need to consult me before you put up horrifying pictures of me. I believe if it was the other way around that I'd be getting an earful!! Thanks! Love ya!

Dixie Mom said...

My gosh, your short hair makes you like you and your daughter are sisters!
Love it!
And good luck with your job(s). Deseret Book sounds heavenly about now.

Pam Hill said...

I never thought you looked old, but your new doo does make you look young! I've loved short hair since I wss in college and have never looked back, perhaps because I am lazy and short hair is so easy.
Good luck on the jobs - they sound good to me.

Ann said...

Is it the Breakfast place on the corner of Main and about 9th/10th South, by the Smiths? I forget the name of the place. It is a woman's name,right?