Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
Om began to feel the acute depression that steals
over every realist in the presence of an optimist.
from: Small Gods
by: Terry Pratchett

Its true...that every day we learn and grow.  At least it seems that I do..sometime at a frantic clip.
Let me tell you today about what I've learned about myself as I go through the agony of job hunting.
With every job interview or with every application sent out I find my hopes rising and my imagination getting the best of me. Its so easy for me to imagine myself working at each establishment  I apply to.  I quickly begin to believe that  I would be a good asset to the business and even begin thinking about what I could do to improve the place! I map out the bike route I could take to get to work and wonder what clothes I own that would be appropriate to wear at each place.
In other words, I get my hopes up every time!!
And then..the call comes, the email is sent, or the crickets chirp through the silence and all the 'dreaming' is for naught.
Why do I do this to myself each and every time!!??
Why am I this way?
Im an optimist- even when I have no cause to be.
Everyone knows (but me) how tough it is to land a job...any job... in this day and age.
And yet tomorrow...I'll find another lead..and follow it....and get my hopes up.
I guess it'll happen every time...until I hear the happy words, "You're hired!!"
My optimism seems to be endless-
and yet my skin isnt as thick as I thought.

Hitting the trail once again...without the pleasure of gathering coral dust between my toes. (my toes miss that very much.)
Peace friends.  I thank you all for your encouraging words and your prayers in my behalf!

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Pam Hill said...

I hope the perfect job comes along and all the hassle will be worth it while you waited for that perfect job. You will be an asset wherever you land.