Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon


...I was remembering how much in my childhood I had wanted
to have a dog and how thoroughly my elders had made me feel
this wish to be extravagant and unseemly until it had faded sadly
into a secret dream, and been replaced in about my ninth year
by an equally profound yearning to be the owner of an Aston Martin.
from: Under the Net
by: Iris Murdock 

I think this handsome grandson may be  a lot like Mimi...he doesnt mind getting his hands dirty, and  he's a free spirit in that he'll try anything. He'd be a better contestant on Fear Factor than I would though.  He's not afraid of snakes or playground equipment or horses or dirt or a runny nose.  What is it about this boy that stole my heart the moment he was born?  Is it those amazing brown eyes?!! We have so few brown eyes in the eyes being the rule.  Could it be his mischievous smurk? Or...more likely its his spontaneous ease in giving hugs and kisses.  That'll grab anyones heart for sure.   I really think this boy needs to come up to Mimi's for a sleep-over party. We could eat Oreos, go fishing and throw rocks in the river and go to the zoo, and at night we could snuggle and watch movies on my laptop while we ate popcorn in bed!!
Come on mom and dad...we've got to make this happen!! Give up this cute little guy for a few we can play!! I have a bed and plenty of cold cereal to please him!!


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