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Love is an activity, not a passive affect; it is a
"standing in," not a "falling for."  In the most general
 way, the active character of love can be described
 by stating that love is primarily giving not receiving.
from: The Art of Loving
by: Erich Fromm

Meet Knox
He's growing up so fast.
I was inspired to write about this dear boy...because of this picture his mommy took of him the other day. I just  couldnt resist the opportunity.
I think the Southern Utah summers are agreeing with him.  All that sunshine and warmth seem to be accelerating his growth spurt or some such thing...for the little man is a baby no more.
Mimi and Popa miss him and his good family.  We were spoiled and now we're not.

I do know he blows kisses with gusto and likes to jump on the beds and to play in his parents bathroom.  I know he has curly blond hair that his parents insist on chopping off too often.  I know he sleeps well in the bedroom that he shares with his big brother..and that he and his sister will be great stay at home buddies...for big brother heads to school in a few weeks.
He likes the sandbox out back and is not in the least bit afraid of the big, muscular dog that also shares the space in the  back yard and the smudges and smears on the patio door. I am afraid of that big muscular dog...he could knock me over just thinking about it.  Knox hardly notices him.  (a sign of a good dog )
Knox folds his arms for prayer...eats like a man and snuggles with sweet strangers at a parade.  He generously shares open mouth kisses when asked and will sit on his daddys lap to skype with Mimi for 2.7 seconds.
I long to know more about this little man and what makes him tick and giggle.  I need to be better at this long distance grandmothering. Indubitably he has many engaging traits and  tricks up his sleeves..or stashed in that soggy diaper of his. Somehow I have to learn to pay better attention from this distance.  I will learn. And he will continue to grow and beguile us from wherever we might be.
Rock on Knox!!!
You are loved!!! (and missed)

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