Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
...the pleasure of painting is that hurting sense that you're 
not getting it right, and so you try something else, and 
you try and you try until  you get it.  It may not be 
perfect, but it's comfortingly better than when you started,
and when  that happens, it's one of the grandest feelings
in the world,  because it's earned.
from: The Passion of Artemisia
by: Susan Vreeland

I mentioned it before...but last weekend was 'my' first funeral as a Relief Society president.  Im happy to report that it went very smoothly.  Due in no part to me...for the woman in charge of compassionate service/funerals is a dynamo!! She's got funeral luncheons down to a science!! Im already ever so grateful she's on the team!!
 And.... how very cool is this hearse!!? I couldnt resist taking a shot of if as it waited out front of the church.  When I can carry my bones to the grave in this ride!!! Gladly!!!
The apartment gets quite toasty come 3 o'clock, so often we head to the park for  a cool truly is a wonderful place.
My new friend and her 'babies' went walking with us the other morning..or I should be more clear...I was invited to join them on their ritual morning walk up the canyon.  5 little Yorkie all in a row...pretty cute.

You cant tell from these pictures...but this week the deer have come into the garden and have been sampling the many flavors that grow so abundantly there.  It appears they LOVE strawberry plants, and squash leaves, and most decidedly my morning glory leaves!  Thankfully the garden is so large, that their feasting isnt too damaging...except for maybe the strawberry leaves...they took a good bunch of them out...not as much photosynthesis going on there right now...ugh!

Now that the Olympics are over---this show has become  my guilty pleasure, which is made all the better 'cause I share it with Anna. The men go down to the Mill to make rabbit food..and we make time to watch a few episodes. Its really quite captivating and an eye-opening  portrayal of the deaf culture! Not to mention the premise of two babies being switched at the hospital and going home to grow up under completely different circumstances...and then as teenagers learning the truth!!  Its sweet and entertaining and Im often moved with emotion as I watch.  (I dated a charming, and very handsome deaf  boy in high school..eons ago.) Switched at Birth is worth watching! (aint Netflix grand!?)
My Builder snatched away my copy of Mayflower and is enjoying it...(I'm happy to see him read..and relax) I will pick it up again when he's through. So Im reading a light and delicious  book..which is good for me right now.  Its full of eccentric characters, vivid imagery, and silliness...all written with great skill! Then it'll be back to the hardships and heartache and awesome courage that is the story of the Pilgrims!!
Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard ***1/2

And look at this...Clark is in Chicago!  Good times!!  Love these two!!

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Pam Hill said...

What?? Wait a minute - you're RS president already? I guess the Lord needed you up there in Logan, eh?