Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon
"Why did you do all this for me?" he asked.
"I dont deserve it. I've never done anything
for you."    "You have been my friend," replied
Charlotte.  "That in itself is a tremendous thing."
from: Charlotte's Web
by: E.B. White

Monday was a busy day for us here in Logan.
My welcome mat has been out for a few months now...I bought a prickly new one the first week we got here.
And I can count on one hand the visitors we've enjoyed up to now.
Monday changed all that.  We had lots and lots of visitors...compared to the previous 3.
And with everything else lately, it was lesson for me in humility. (boy oh boy I must have needed a hard core lesson in this principle!)
This was the first time family  has been here to see where we now live.  So the character building continues... on and on and on.  I just love being the object lesson of the haves and then the have nots.
Im reminded, by others better than myself, that its really not a bad place where we now live and lay our heads, which I suppose is very true.  This is not about the bricks and mortar and wood chips and.......................never mind.
But... once again, this is about my attitude, which apparently needed some adjusting...and Monday was the first real test.
Dear family coming by, because they were in town, to say hello, to see the garden that they've heard so much about and seen pictures of, and to see the mill and how to make rabbit food;  and they would have to admit to some curiousness about our place of residence too.
And its over and done and I survived and passed the test.  (I honestly considered meeting them all down town.)
I got through with only a small amount of discomfort, which was all in my head and had nothing to do with our dear visitors, who were and are gracious beyond compare.
So hopefully no one but me were disturbed too much by my painful lesson in humility. Not too many groans, and wails and sighs escaped my lips this time.
Here's hoping I dont strain a muscle patting myself on the back.  What I need to do is love my family even more for being as awesome and kind as they all are!!
They showed me!!!
 Brent and Kelly being shown how the rabbit food is packaged. (and yes...we are always under construction! Which is a good thing!!) Progress!!
 Monday's orders ready to go to the post office.  They travel from sea to shining sea!!
 Meet Lester, the new addition to the mill!! He needs to hurry up and GROW!! We have a mouse problem...and his mission is to solve it!!!  Jace thinks hes adorable, which he is. (both of them are really.)
 Lauren and Jace, Lester and Wallace the lop eared rabbit.  Both live at the mill.  And now Jace would like to live there too.  I wish I could capture the antics these two critters... that are normally sworn enemies, can get themselves into together!! I think they are happy to have each others company.  And yes, now Lauren wants a bunny of her own and Jace wants a kitty that'll never grow up!!
 Lester the mouse molester
with blue eyes to boot!! 
 Mom and Dad were the next to arrive in town...and get the tour of the mill. They too were impressed.
 My dad wanted to go by and see if the house he helped his dad build 53 years ago was still standing. And it was!!!  Dad has good memories of Logan and the few years he spent here in high school.
My mom was blown away by the big beautiful trees here in Logan!! We do have some very impressive specimens!! I too am in awe by many of them.  This one  is in my favorite park.  I had to take her by to see it!  

So come and see us friends and fam.
I have learned that I can handle it!!


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Sharon said...

I wish wish wish we could come spend August and Sept with y'all!!!